The International Legal Forum Responds to a False and Mislead initiative in Europe – Adele Biton’s Case

The International Legal Forum was approached by bodies in the European Parliament who shared information about an initiative to state that the legal prosecution of Adele Biton’s murderers is nothing but an Israeli conspiracy. They requested information and evidence that will allow they to establish whether they should endorse this initiative or refuse to do so. The ILF prepared an extensive legal document which provided evidence to refute the case presented in the initiative, exposing it as unfounded and false propaganda. The materials prepared by the ILF caused the said initiative to fail early in the process.


 The Initiative:

Radical Anti-Israeli groups approached European Parliament members asking them to show their support in condemning the “Israeli conspiracy”, as they refer to it, in trying to pin the blame of the accident which led to Adele Biton’s death on innocent Palestinian teens. The story began on March 17th, 2013, when Adele Biton who was just two years old at the time, was traveling in a car with her siblings and mother Adva close to the city of Ariel. Their car was ambushed by terrorists, who hurled rocks at the car, causing it to veer off the road and crash headfirst into a truck. Adele was left critically injured and fighting for her life after being struck directly in the head. Nearly two years later on February 17, 2015, Adele passed away. Evidence found at the scene, as wells as eye witness testimonies clearly indicated that the incident was caused by rocks thrown by Palestinian terrorists. The information was published immediately, with reports of the horrific accident, and the Israeli law enforcement was able to arrest the suspects of this hideous crime several days later.

The claims made by the anti-Israeli groups, that the legal prosecution of Adele Biton’s killers was nothing but an Israeli conspiracy, were not backed by any form of evidence. They argued that the Israeli story of the accident being caused by rock throwers was only concocted days after the accident, and that violent raids took place in the village of Hares, leading to the arrest of 19 innocent teens. The allegations continue to blame Israel for not having due process in the military courts, and other unfounded and false allegations.

The initiative managed to raise many concerns within the European Parliament and the public, and it is fitting in with the growing phenomena of False Anti-Israeli initiatives and negative public opinion in Europe as a result.

This initiative has regrettably made these murderous rock throwers into a symbol of “oppressed youth under occupation” in Europe, and this initiative, much like others like it, was able to make serious waves in Europe, causing concerns and vast condemnations.

Actions and Success:

The International Legal Forum prepared an extensive legal document which provides evidence to refute the case presented in this initiative, and exposes it as unfounded and false propaganda, rather than a human rights issue it masqueraded as. The document supplied proof that the accident was in fact caused by terrorists, evidence showing that even the initial reports from the evening of the accident in the international media discussed rock throwing as the cause, this reports included both footage from the scene and testimonies from eye witnesses.  In addition the ILF supplied evidence of due process in the military courts. Footage was also provided, showing the extensive threat of Palestinian youth throwing rocks, the general Anti-Israeli atmosphere and much more.

Attorney Yifa Segal stated that the story of Adele Biton is a very painful one, and the use of this incident, which ended in the death of an innocent young girl, is an extremely cynical exploitation of the general Anti-Israeli atmosphere, which has gone too far.

Although the vast influence of the Anti-Israeli activity in the European Parliament is clearly growing, the ILF is paving the way for cooperation with representatives from the European Parliament, in the hope for an open dialog and exchange of information which will assist the efforts to refute such false claims and many other hateful and falsified initiatives aimed at de-legitimizing Israel in the International arena.