Groundbreaking Legal Work in Brazil

Fighting terrorism and defending human rights has taken us this time all the way to Brazil!

Brazil, which is the largest State and the strongest economy in South America currently has NO anti-terrorist legislation. Many terror groups find this vacuum in Brazilian law a rare opportunity for sanctuary on Brazilian soil, and a fertile ground to conduct their business in peace – trade in weapons and drugs, launder funds, train and recruit for their causes etc. For example, the international media has reported that ISIS has begun recruiting in Brazil, setting its sights towards an attack on the 2016 Olympic Games.

Despite the fact that this is an extremely important issue, it seems that no other organization is addressing it.

As a first step, the ILF Director, attorney Yifa Segal, made initial contact with Brazilian activists, arranging a visit to Brazil and meeting with Brazilian lawyers who might be interested in joining the Forum and enlist for this great cause.The visit was productive; and we have already taken the first step. Our attorneys in Israel have written an extensive Bill, based on the UK’s anti-terrorism Bill in combination with the American and Israeli Bills, the UN’s anti-terror treaty, as well as European and Arab Anti-terrorism treaties. To the bill itself we added explanatory notes, emphasizing the importance and urgency of this legislation. The Bill defines terrorism, recruitment for a terror organization, fundraising for one, membership in such organization, etc. as criminal offences.

This will become the first anti-terrorism bill in Brazil, and will allow the judicial and law enforcement authorities the tools to fight this negative trend which is rapidly expanding on their soil.
Currently our translators in Brazil are working on translating the bill into English, and then we will pass it to our attorneys there to prepare it for legislation in Parliament.

This initiative represents the very essence of the ILF – to initiate and take preemptive steps, not just react.