Fabricated NGO Supports Terrorism

It seems that an NGO, registered in the Israeli Justice ministry as a viable and legitimate organization, is hardly as innocent and righteous as it appears. Although the organization’s stated objectives in the certificate of registration are to promote research and development on agricultural issues, and to work for the welfare of farmers, evidence indicates that the CAW (committee of agricultural work) is a fabricated organization, designed to support and raise funds for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a recognized terror organization.

The NGO uses a license provided by the Israeli justice ministry to fraud foreign donors, while presenting a false image, stating that it and the UAWC (an organization registered in Gaza and associated with the PFLP) are one. In doing so, not only is the organization violating Israel’s NGO Legislation (the NGO Funding Transparency Law), but they are exposed to claims alleging violations of several other laws, among them, the Penal Code, the Order for Prevention of Terrorism, the Money Laundering Law and the Prohibition on Terrorist Financing. Their actions are in contrast to Israel’s interests and create a risk to the safety of its citizens

The International Legal Forum has contacted the Israeli Registrar of Non-Profits in the ministry of Justice in order to bring about the dissolution of the NGO immediately, and to work with the law enforcement authorities and relevant supervision agencies in order to bring those responsible to justice.