Is the European Union Unknowingly Funding Terrorism?

It has been a long practice of the PA to support terrorist through official channels, and in particular through its Ministry of Prisoner Affairs, which was the entity responsible for providing the Palestinian convicted terrorists with a monthly stipend. The amount of each stipend was determined by the “success of the attack” (number of casualties and the severity of the Israeli indictment and judgment against the convicted terrorist).

The legal-ethical problems with this practice were raised by Israel and Israel’s supporters, which led western donors to challenge the PA’s policy and threaten to discontinue their support. This pressure was effective, and In August 2014 the PA shut down the Ministry.

However, it quickly became apparent that this move was done purely for the sake of appearance.  The PA opened a new office under the PLO which has the same capacity, authority and funding, and was renamed the Commission for Prisoners Affairs

Recently a Parliamentary Question was put forward by a European MEP, questioning the EU’s continual funding of the PA, when these funds are then transferred to terrorist and used to finance future attacks against civilians.

The Parliamentary Question will require the EU to provide an official response to this issue. The answer is expected early in the New Year.

In an interview regarding this issue for the Israeli news site NRG, attorney Yifa Segel, Director of the International Forum, said: “”Financing terror is a severe crime according to European law…. The EU is also signed on multiple international conventions which deal with these issues, and is acting in violation of these conventions when it lends a hand, vicariously or directly, to financial support for institutionalized incitement and stipends paid to convicted terrorist and their families. The absurd is that this is not even a sophisticated act of fraud. The information (proving that the PA continues to transfer funds to convicted terrorists) is out in the open, and is easily attainable. “