Following ILF Investigation: Authorities to Shut Down Organization Supporting Terrorism

In December 2014 the ILF received information regarding a suspicion that the Israeli NGO “The Committee of Agricultural Works” (CAW) was actively supporting terror activity. ILF investigation revealed that in fact CAW had no real activity, and its sole purpose was to act as a front for an organization situated in Gaza, The Union of Agricultural Work Committees, which is a subsidiary to the terror organization The Palestinian Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

CAW’s sole purpose was to deceive foreign donors, particularly foreign governments and aid organizations, masquerading as a humanitarian organization. In effect CAW enabled the presentation of an Israeli NGO registration certificate, supposedly proving its legitimate activities, all the while transferring any charitable funds it received to a subsidiary of the PFLP. The organization was able, using these methods, to raise approximately 9.5 million dollars a year.

Since December 2014 has operated consistently, meeting with several key factors within the Authority and drafting numerous requests. The ILF provided the Israeli Corporations Authority with evidence proving CAW’s illegal activity and support for terror, and requested that the organization be shut down.

The issue was resolved on July 7, 2016, when the ILF received an official response from the Israeli Corporations Authority stating that after examination of the case, and the failure of the CAW to provide satisfactory answers, they will begin the process of closing down the organization.

Following this significant success, the ILF intends to monitor the proceedings in the Israeli courts and make sure the NGO is shut down as quickly as possible, and to contact foreign donors with this new information, in order to prevent additional funds from reaching the terror group in Gaza.

The ILF will continue to work to ensure that no funds, and particularly not funds intended to support human rights, end up in the hands of terrorists.

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