Granting Equal Legal Rights to All Victims of Terror – Bill Amendment Submitted to Knesset

A bill amendment initiated by the International Legal Forum (ILF) was recently submitted to the Knesset by MK Amir Ohana, aiming to align and equalize the rights of victims whose pertaining legal proceedings are held in Military Courts to other victims of crime in Israel.

This is an amendment to an historical, legal, constitutional and moral injustice that has long discriminated against most victims of terror, as the law granting rights to victims of crime has not yet been applied to them.

On Pesach eve 2014, Hadas Mizrachi, along with her husband Baruch and five children, were driving on their way a Seder as they were ambushed and attacked by terrorists.  Baruch was killed, and Hadas and one of the children were injured.

Although the terrorists were later caught and tried, Hadas was restricted from being informed regarding the proceedings.  She struggled to find out even the most basic of details, such as the timing of the hearings or the status of the proceedings, or to get the opportunity to make her voice heard before sentencing.

The law at its current state abandons victims of terror alone in their darkest and most difficult hour.  Their rights are ignored, they have no access to information, and  remain powerless to hear and be heard.  With the passing of this legislation, the ILF hopes to grant these victims of terror their due rights, and bring this shameful and discriminatory situation to an end.

Attorney Yifa Segal, Director of the International Legal Forum, who initiated the amendment, stated: “The care for terror victims lies at the very core of Israeli society, as Israel holds its families dear and feels a collective responsibility for their well-being. It is inconceivable that such discrimination should occur against any group of people, but even more so when it comes to terror victims.”