ILF Exposes World Vision’s Links to Terrorist Group – the PFLP

After successfully exposing the terror links between two NGO’s and the PFLP, the ILF is calling upon the Australian Government to open a criminal investigation into World Vision Australia
Hot on the heels of the exposure of World Vision’s head of Gaza operations as a Hamas agent (who diverted the millions of charitable funds to the terror group) comes another multi-million dollar terrorist fraud involving World Vision.
This time World Vision is even more heavily implicated as it was put on notice of the terror links and fraud 5 years ago and chose to do nothing despite being presented with extensive evidence.
The Israeli Authorities have now formally confirmed all the allegations made against World Vision Australia, enabling us at the International Legal Forum (ILF) to pursue the next item on the agenda – criminal charges against World Vision.
According to the ILF Director, Adv. Yifa Segal “It is clear that World Vision is guilty of criminal negligence at best, willful blindness or conspiracy with terror linked groups at worst. Either way, it is time that a clear message be sent to World Vision, as well as other charities around the world; providing support for a terror organization is a serious crime under international law, if you won’t conduct proper due diligence and ignore warnings, you are putting yourselves at risk of paying a heavy price.”
Our involvement with this case goes back to 2012 (working with Shurat HaDin at the time) when we first learned of the terror ties between the UAWC and the Popular Front for the  Liberation of Palestine (“PFLP“), further investigation into the matter has exposed an elaborate scheme including another front meant to keep their terror ties hidden – this with an Israeli based NGO. Numerous letters, submissions, clarifications and meetings has taken place while presenting mountains of evidence and a warning – your charitable funds and Australian tax-payers money is falling in the hands of a designated terror organization.
Despite it all – WVA decided to blatantly disregard our warnings.
Now following a statement by the Israel Security Agency (Shin Beit) acknowledging the links between these three entities, and a confirmation by the Ministry of Justice Corporations Authority made in their appeal to the Jerusalem District Court to dismantle the Israeli NGO – The ILF has written a letter to the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs demanding that criminal investigation be launched against those responsible.
The ILF’s request to pursue criminal charges in this regard aims to serve not only the particular justice of this case,  but for the Australian Government to send a clear message, setting the bar high in its expectations from organisations such as WVA when it comes to risks of terror funding, particularly when it involves its taxpayers funds.
Terrorist organisations are masters of deception and NGOs working in these risky areas are wide-open to being infiltrated and co-opted by terrorist groups. As these incidents have demonstrated, the risk of the donors unwittingly funding terrorist organisations is too high and the issue was neglected for far too long.
This precedent is expected to make waves way beyond Australia and all across the world – it’s time to make a change.
To read the ILF’s letter to the Australian Government click here.