Jerusalem District Court Orders to Dissolve Terror Sponsoring Fraudulent NGO

A years-long investigation carried out by the International Law Forum (ILF) revealed that the La’jnat al Amal El Zarawi (Translates to Committee of agricultural works – CAW) raised funds for terrorist organizations. The ILF’s revelations documented how CAW took advantage of the Israeli non-profit registration system, and used its certification to raise funds from foreign governments and other sources for the UAWC, falsely presenting itself as an Israeli-accredited branch of the UAWC. However, this mundane-sounding organization is actually related to and supports the terrorist group The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine operating in Gaza. Money raised by the CAW went directly to the UAWC in Gaza, which funded terrorism.

Based on these serious findings, attorney Yifa Segal, Executive Director of the ILF, appealed to the Minister of Justice, Ayelet Shaked, who then joined the ILF’s petition to the Israeli Non-Profit Registrar demanding the dissolution of the CAW. After several court hearings, the final liquidation order was signed.

Attorney Yifa Segal, Executive Director of the ILF, stated, “We welcome the court’s decision for ending the financing of terrorism under the auspices of the Israeli legal system, which lasted for over two decades. At the same time, we call upon the Attorney General of Israel to open a criminal investigation against those involved and bring them to justice for crimes of financing terrorism and fraud. In addition, The International Legal Forum will continue to work in the international arena, and will present the court’s verdict to those foreign governments and organizations which support the UAWC with millions of dollars, The ILF will demand that these funds, which enable terrorism, be cut off immediately”.

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