Our Answer to Jibril Rajoub – Is he on his way out of FIFA?

The ILF, together with Palestinian Media Watch, on behalf of a Tel Aviv based football team, filed a personal complaint against Jibril Rajoub, Chairman of the Palestinian Football Association, PFA, for violation of FIFA’s ethical code, with the intent to force them for the first time to address our  legitimate concerns.

The complaint follows 10 years of hateful and inciting statements against Israeli football teams and players, and a year-long political battle against Israel through FIFA.  Rajoub repeatedly attempts to convince the international football league, FIFA, to ban Israeli teams from participating in tournaments, particularly teams based in Judea and Samaria.

Many of the violations attributed to Rajoub were committed in his official capacity as the President of the PFA and have had a direct effect on players, teams and other individuals bound by the FIFA Code of Ethics. Violations include racism, discrimination, incitement to violence, harassment and the physical and mental endangerment of members of different ethnic, religious and national groups. Moreover, Rajoub, with his callous leadership, has encouraged, instructed and even coerced others to commit similar violations

According to Attorney Yifa Sega, Director of the ILF: “It is time for FIFA to handle the critical issues that endanger human lives, discriminate and generate an atmosphere of hatred and racism. These offenses not only violate international law and shock every person with a conscious and desire for peace, but also clearly violate FIFA’s own ethical code. The complaint speaks for itself and FIFA must enact the full force of sanctions available to stop this dangerous behavior and send a clear message. It is clear that for Rajoub terror is a legitimate tool in his political battle and that his position in the PFA enables him to advance his political agenda by all means necessary”.

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