The ILF is working to combat BDS in Spain!

After the city of Santiago de Compostela, Spain decided to adopt BDS policy as the city’s official policy, a Spanish Lawyer contacted the ILF. BDS continues to encourage a complete boycott of Israel in all areas, justifying this by falsely accusing Israel of being an apartheid state, occupying Palestinian territories illegally and committing ethnic cleansings and war crimes.

Spanish lawyers have challenged this decision in Spanish courts. The ILF is assisting with the legal strategy in this case by providing legal arguments based on international and European law. The ILF is also working with lawyers across Europe to provide specific precedents from other European countries that can support this petition

The petition against the city’s decision is an important strategic tool in the fight against BDS. BDS’s accusation that Israel is “training and arming death squads” and dictatorships worldwide, promoting civil wars in Africa, contributing to racial, social, economic and environmental injustices around the world, and overall demonization of Israel, amount to anti-Semitism according to the US Department of State’s official definition of anti-Semitism. BDS policies violate human rights, encourage discrimination, and prevent free trade and academic freedom.

We believes that all legal measures must be taken in order to end their provocative activities, and that an overwhelming victory in this case will help prevent similar initiatives in the future, both in Spain and the rest of Europe. The ILF will continue to stand beside and support all actions aimed at fighting BDS across the globe.

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