Victory against Terror in European Parliament

Incredible as it may sound, terrorists and representatives of terrorist organizations, were permitted until now to participate in EU parliamentary events where they exploited their access as a platform to blatantly glorify terror and spread hate and incitement.

The September 26th event in the Parliament hosting senior PFLP member Leyla Khaled was the last straw.

Together with Vice Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, MEP Vistisen, the ILF has decided it is time to shut down this illegal and immoral practice. The ILF has offered its legal expertise, in drafting a letter of demand to the Parliament’s president demonstrating the treaties, articles and specifically the EU’s commission’s decisions regarding support, whether directly or indirectly, to a EU designated terrorist organization.

The letter was then signed by 60 MEPs leading to an unequivocal endorsement by the president and a unanimous decision by the Bureau for Security and Safety to systematically deny access to all persons, groups, or entities involved in terrorist acts.

From the decision:

“In view of that decision, and in the context of combatting terrorism, Members of the European Parliament and Political Groups are requested not to invite persons listed in the Council Decision or individuals representing entities or groups on that list, nor to facilitate their access to Parliament. In addition, these persons, entities, and groups may not be promoted through audio-visual presentations or other events on Parliament’s premises”

ILF’s Director, attorney Yifa Segal has said that: we are fortunate to have had the opportunity to take part in this invaluable change in EU policy. We are grateful for the MEPs who saw the importance and value of what seemed to us to be a simple but obvious request. While the sheer number of MEPs who supported this demand felt like a small victory , we  are happy to have been able to facilitate the amendment of such a horrific wrongdoing in Europe and prevent it from ever happening again.

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A few quotes from Khaled’s speech in the event:

“Zionism monopolizes pain, but just as criminal is what the Nazis did than what happens in Gaza

every day…”

“We want to shine a light on our comrades, over 17000 of them, such as Barghouti, who have

been kidnapped and are held in administrative detention.”

” Now some sections are more racist than the Nazis themselves, the Zionist movement has even

collaborated with the German Nazis, to detain Jews that are not in favor of their plans.”

” How should we oppose this? I say why don’t we hijack a plane? (Applause)”